Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning in Montgomery & the River Region, Auburn & Opelika and Birmingham, AL

When you select a carpet cleaning service, you're trusting that company with your home's appearance. At Precision Floor Care, we're proud of our excellent reputation for commercial and residential carpet cleaning and maintenance. You can trust us to use only the finest and safest carpet cleaning methods.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents will safeguard your most delicate fabrics.

We provide carpet cleaning services in the Wetumpka, Birmingham, Auburn, Opelika and Montgomery AL areas. Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning.

The most important part of any carpet maintenance is a steady and consistent vacuuming program. It is proven that almost 80% of soil removal from any carpet is completed during the vacuuming process. Professional carpet cleaning is deigned to loosen soils and other contaminants from the fibers of the carpet. If you are not implementing a steady and consistent vacuuming program you may be reducing the life of your carpet. Before we begin any carpet cleaning we ask that the carpet be vacuumed prior to our arrival. We offer a pre-vacuuming service if you would like for us to do this for you. This service is an extra $5.00 per area for any level of service completed.

This may also be known as Steam Cleaning! Our basic carpet cleaning package is what most people would think of as the standard in the industry. We pre-spray the carpet with a traffic lane pre-spray and spotter. We then rinse the carpet with our truck mounted extraction equipment designed to lift soil from the fibers of the carpet. This is a traffic lane cleaning (where foot traffic is the heaviest and around furniture). We do not move most furniture during this process because there is no need to clean in areas that are not walked on. Soil does not accumulate in those areas and get worked into and on the fibers. A regular vacuuming program is sufficient in those areas (under beds and chests). 

This takes the basic cleaning a step further. The cleaning methods are the same with the addition of moving and blocking all movable furniture. We do not move heavy items or items that have electronics or breakables on them. 

This may be the most important part of keeping your carpet or fine upholstery looking new. Scotchgard is a fluorochemical that is applied to fiber to protect against wear and liquid penetration. This chemical is applied to most Stain Master carpets by the manufacturer to prevent staining. Once a carpet has been cleaned by a professional company Scotchgard needs to be reapplied. Alkaline pre-spray cleaners loosen the fluorochemical from the fiber during the cleaning process. Normal wear from walking on the carpet can do the same thing as the carpet becomes abraded. This is why a dry soil vacuuming program is essential for protection of your investment. This product is also essential in protecting your investment to Upholstery as well. 

We provide extraction cleaning and low moisture cleaning for upholstery as well. 

We all know that pets can leave their mark on any interior surface and it can be very difficult to get rid of these areas. We offer pet stain treatments that attack the bacteria that create this spots and odors created by the bacteria. This service is an additional service offered. 

There are many things that cause odors within soft fibers. Anything from pets to food to mold and mildew can cause foul smells that disrupt our clean living environment. This treatment removes these odors after the cause of the odor has been properly identified and treated.

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