Explanation of Services

Cleaning and Restoration Services are designed to clean and/or restore your surfaces to a LIKE NEW state. We also offer services aimed at protecting your surfaces and investments to keep them looking great for years to come. There is no substitute for maintenance and protection on any surface. Without maintenance and protection, your surfaces’ life span could be prematurely shortened. 
If your surface has not been properly maintained and protected, the probability that it can be restored to 100% of its original look is less than if it has been maintained and protected properly over time. Just like anything, you get out of it what you put into it!
We at Precision Floor Care take pride in helping you to restore, maintain, & protect your surfaces. We guarantee that you will not find another company or group of people that will be able to educate you, set a proper expectation, & fulfill or exceed expectations!


Estimated Working Time: As with anyone in today’s society time is very important to our clients. We strive very hard to estimate our time on your job correctly by relying on our past experiences and real time efficiencies. Sometimes we complete our work ahead of our estimated time and sometimes it takes us a little longer to complete the work. Please know that we appreciate your business and we work diligently and efficiently to accommodate your time.

Punctuality: Being on time is something that is of utmost importance. We strive to stick to our schedule daily. In a perfect world this always works out, however we do not live in a perfect world. It is our policy to contact you immediately when we know that we are off schedule for the day. We appreciate your time and we want to give enough lead time in the event that you need to alter your plans.

Drying Time: All of our cleaning processes use a liberal amount of water and cleaning solutions to effectively clean the surface. Sometimes it takes a while for those surfaces to dry after we have finished your job. While the surface is still damp it may hide the true outcome of the surface. It may also hide things within the surface that we cannot see until the surface is dry. Not to worry, if you see something that becomes present after the surface has had 24 hours to dry just give us a call and we will come back out to take care of it for a minimum charge.

Moving Furniture: Typically moving furniture is up to the owner. We will move the items that can be easily moved (breakfast tables, end tables, some couches and chairs, however we do not move electronics, computers, antiques, and other expensive breakable items with out consent from the client releasing us from liability of the items moved. We will move refrigerators, washers, and driers to clean behind them if you disconnect (water and/or power) and reconnect them. We cannot disconnect or reconnect them. We would love to be able to help out in these areas as much as possible, but the insurance industry places tight restrictions on what a floor care company can and cannot do and be covered for damage or loss.

Tile & Grout/Stone/Hard Surface Care Services

Basic Cleaning: This cleaning simply removes all protein based soils from the surface. We use an alkaline cleaner to breakdown the soil, we then scrub the surface to loosen the soil, then we extract the soil by a hot water extraction method. This service works well if the surface has been properly sealed and it will give you a basic approach to soil removal.

Restoration Cleaning: This cleaning takes the basic cleaning a step further by introducing an additional cleaning agent that will remove not only protein based soils but mineral based soils as well. This cleaning will offer the best approach available to restore your surface to a LIKE NEW state.

Shower Restoration/The Works: Restorative Cleaning, Sealing, and caulking where needed. As far as cleaning goes, this is the best shot at bringing a shower back to a Like New state. (Mildew, hard water, & soap scum removal) After the cleaning is complete we then seal the shower and caulk to give it the protection that it needs to keep the shower stain free. Most of the mildew will come off the surface and even from within the grout if the grout or stone has been sealed properly. If it has not been sealed properly, the only indication of success that we can provide is how the test areas turn out during the estimate.

Shower Replacement: This could include a shower pan replacement or even completely replacing the shower all together. Most of the time when we do this, it is because there is a leak that is causing water to settle under the floor of the shower or in the walls. At the completion of this process you can expect your shower to drain properly and be as healthy as a tile shower should be.

Sealing: What sealer is designed to do and not to do! Sealers block stains from forming in porous materials such as grout and stone. There are many different types of sealers on the market. Some are worse and some are better than others. No matter how good a sealer is, there is no substitution for regular and periodic maintenance of that surface. Soil and other contaminants will still find its way to the lowest part of the surface. Sealer only blocks its penetration and helps to keep it stain proof.

  • Limited 15 Year Sealer Warranty – Standard limited 1 year service warranty for protection of oil and water based stains. If your surface is stained due to failure of the sealer, you have had PFC restore or maintain your floor in the last 12 months, and approved cleaners have been used for regular maintenance, PFC will attempt to remove the stain and reseal the areas that need resealing at no charge.

Standard Sealing: Basic Sealer designed to provide protection from water and oil based stains in grout, stone and other porous materials. This sealer has a lifespan of 12-18 months and it requires re-application over time. Alkaline and Acidic cleaners and other chemicals can have negative effects on this sealer causing premature failure. There is NO WARRANTY with this product application. This is the same type of product that can be purchased from home improvement stores or applied by most general cleaning companies. 

Premium Sealing: The BEST there is. This sealer is designed to offer protection from oil and water based stains. It provides up to 15 years of protection backed by a limited 15 year warranty if applied and maintained by PFC. Cleaners and other chemicals will not effect this sealer. The only thing that can penetrate this sealer are solvents (alcohol, acetone, etc…) PFC will warranty this sealer as long as we are maintaining the surface on at least an annual basis.

Color Sealing: Color sealing or grout staining is an option to change the grout color to your desired color or make the grout color uniform across the floor. This sealer is a topical pigmented acrylic sealer that is absorbed into the grout. You can match most general grout colors on the market today to provide uniformity across the surface. This sealer does a good job in keeping most contaminants from staining the grout. It repels oils, greases, and water. Color sealing is not the answer to every situation. It generally requires more care than most clear repellant sealers on the market and it will eventually need to be touched up or re-applied. It requires that you maintain the surface with a pH neutral cleaner so that you do not have premature wear on the sealer. Any acidic or alkaline cleaners overtime will deteriorate the sealer. Color seal is a good option when dirty grout is stained and can not be reversed. It is not good application for every tile though. Porous tiles such as concrete, Mexican tile, or most stones will absorb some of the color seal during application. This fact makes porcelain or ceramic tile the best option for this service. Another place that we do not recommend color seal is in a shower or in a place where constant moisture is present. Constant moisture can also deteriorate the sealer prematurely. If you have a porcelain or ceramic tiled surface and it just is not uniform enough for you, color seal may be your answer. This product comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Mexican Tile, Brick Floor, and other Topically Coated Surfaces (Restoration): These surfaces typically have a coating or film forming sealer that has been applied to them. Over time these coatings can show wear and need to be touched up or replaced. Standing water or moisture that has made itself present from underneath can cause the original coating to delaminate. This service could range from cleaning and re-coating to totally stripping the surface down and re-coating. Each individual surface and what it has been coated with will determine how invasive the process must be to get it looking good again. Most of the time we must use a chemical stripper to restore these surfaces. We take pride in masking walls and other exposures so that slurry from the restoration process does not damage those exposures. We can say that no matter how careful anyone is, there will usually be paint or stain loss along the bottom edge of the base board or shoe molding, requiring that those areas be touched up. If you have extra paint/stain, we can touch those areas up for you.

Light Stone Restoration: In the industry, stone restoration usually describes the restoration of calcium based stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, etc… These stones are difficult to maintain depending on the usage for the stone. They are all acid sensitive and can show etching where they come in contact with house hold cleaners, food & drinks, and personal hygiene products. They are also somewhat soft by nature and they show wear on the surface overtime depending on how polished the surface is. A light restoration will remove some etching and scratches from the stone. If a high shine is desired, it can be achieved through a light restoration. The one thing that a light restoration lacks is the clarity in reflection from the stone. Clarity or depth can only be achieved by a Full Stone Restoration. With this process the stone will be honed and re-polished to a desired sheen. We will then seal the stone so that liquids will not absorb into the stone, however, there is not a penetrating sealer out there that will protect against acid etching. The shinier the surface, the harder it is to maintain.

Full Stone Restoration: This process takes a more labor intensive approach to the light restoration. While the steps to achieve desired finishes are much the same, the process requires more time and more skill. When a stone floor or surface undergoes a full restoration it is first flattened to take out any lippage (one tile sitting higher than the other). After flattening is achieved a progressive step process utilizing diamond abrasives and honing & polishing compounds is performed to provide clarity, depth, and shine. I describe clarity as such: when you look into a muddy pond on a bright sunny day you see a gleaming surface where you cannot see the bottom of the pond. When you look into a clear water pond on the same day, you see the same level of shine, however you also can see what is on the bottom of the pond. Full stone restoration processes allow you to clearly see what’s at the bottom of the pond.

Tile Repair/Re-placement: Many of the surfaces that we come in contact with have some need of repair. From cracks in the tile, stone, or grout we can help you decide if you should repair, replace, or just sit this one out. Not everything can be repaired. Every situation is different. It largely depends on how it was installed and what caused the need for repair in the first place. Our staff can help you in making that determination. Sometimes it is not worth it to try to repair it when you could ultimately make things worse. We have the training and knowledge to share with you the level of risks involved in making those decisions.

Decorative Concrete Services

We offer a complete line of decorative concrete services for those who want to install new decorative concrete, maintain or restore their existing concrete.